Sabtu, 17 November 2012

simple vintage!

Hello Fellow !  I am love today, it's rainy after some of the day my country hot. I  was very tired and sweat because i have  many activities some of day. fortune this rain made air fresh and cool again after I am back to school. 

I want to tell you of some my outfits today. I had went out with my desk classmate and we were hunting for bought gift. she told that her teacher violin will born day *birthday  two days later. so, she wanted to me accompany her. 

Lucky me, i met some cute dress in there, and i think softly pink dress suitable for me and she bought pattern scarf black color. after we done, i was back home. I was thought it better match with some older clothes. 

Then, i tried mix it with cardigan sweater , flower blouse, boots. 

I also combine with some accessories such as glasses, brown belt,and cabaret yellow

taraaa...! well, buy less, choose well and do it yourself (viviane westwood) as my inspiration for did it last day.i hope my fashion stuff today also your inspiration too. Arriverderci, see you in another day ~ 

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