Senin, 26 November 2012



 Hello Monday, thanks for sunshine day who make me still dry because I must late back home. I can’t imagine how’s my day if  it’s rain ^^~. Well, I can’t wait for write. I am wanted speak about “friends”. Generally, we always interaction with people around us. We can compare one with another. How they speak, attitude, or just intelligent? You will meet the many different on it. 

In my new school too, I was tried to understand one by one of the people around me, especially in my class. They have different characters. Depend on them environment too. The speakers , the loud, the annoying people, the good, the smart, the silent, fashionable, the musician, or just sometimes the bad word -______-‘

I am like my class, knowing new friend and talked about their characters. In the generally, sociality can make effect of us. Example, we are the good one or the bad one; we will get effect of them. My last vocal teacher said that I must carefully one day, if I am entering in university, she want me to choose friends, because its can making you be the new person. Yes, she ever go to clubbing and she know how feels it is in there.
Talking about person, you know that you for not value people from cover. My friend told me that she dislike someone. And I just looked that the person she dislike was innocent. And you know what she was said?

“Don’t look it from outside, we can find many poker face or innocent who made much trouble. But, sometimes the scream faces haha* too much over: p they are good person”. Well, who know? I am not sure too, because I won’t as one of followed by gossip in here. But, I am agreement that we can check our friend one of them or not. Bad or good from someone we can’t measure because it was depend us being the individuals. We have different types, personality and of course different interesting to values person.


Have friends they like bullying? Ouch..! I hope not: X fortune, my friend really good and they give me the best smile every day. But, I ever read in my magazine, that it is give me information about “bullying”. Bad news, in my country we have been bullying case in Jakarta, my mother country. I am really pity knew it. I hope that is one of last news.  I can’t imagine, why student who have times in the school and got knowledge could did something useless, likes such : fighting, drugs, or drunk. Come on why we are not making proud of country. Who will get the impact if their just bullying each other with stupid activities, yes, their selves, and our country will disparate? the worst that make  me felt unbeliever was murder case by junior high school  after two school was fighting :O:O how felt did you after killed it? *happy ever after –a

Friends can make us better than it. We can get positives look like business each other. Relations give us information such as: lesson, technology, entertainment like music, games, or happy and care from another people. Who know, they will giving use customer, who know they are will be one employee of our company. How care? We care about it, for you to right the advantages will come. The friends always have price for make it. Now one person can get the good friend if they can appreciate too. Everyone won’t be victim of bullying or discrimination social. So, that why, I want we care for our environment. Every people around us, someday can be someone besides us or  just support us from back. Have nice Monday Friends :) 

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

simple vintage!

Hello Fellow !  I am love today, it's rainy after some of the day my country hot. I  was very tired and sweat because i have  many activities some of day. fortune this rain made air fresh and cool again after I am back to school. 

I want to tell you of some my outfits today. I had went out with my desk classmate and we were hunting for bought gift. she told that her teacher violin will born day *birthday  two days later. so, she wanted to me accompany her. 

Lucky me, i met some cute dress in there, and i think softly pink dress suitable for me and she bought pattern scarf black color. after we done, i was back home. I was thought it better match with some older clothes. 

Then, i tried mix it with cardigan sweater , flower blouse, boots. 

I also combine with some accessories such as glasses, brown belt,and cabaret yellow

taraaa...! well, buy less, choose well and do it yourself (viviane westwood) as my inspiration for did it last day.i hope my fashion stuff today also your inspiration too. Arriverderci, see you in another day ~