Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Miracle of make up

I’m so sorry to inactive my blog a week: C I had examination. I wish my rapport better than before.  I want to tell you how awesome make up can change someone to be good looking. Well, before it, I wasn’t believed it. 

I disagree when I was looking a woman with 40th years old, became teenagers and beautiful* I thought she was pretty than me. I found many sites and though how about if I tried it, I would have been pretty or just looking as same as before.  Well, I got the inspiration, when I so curious with my friends. He was a ulzzang Indonesian. 


            I tried to search it, and then I got much of information how to be ulzzang. It’s not difficult. You can try to do it too. Because ulzzang mean is best face or good looking in Seoul Language. The mostly of the tips is you must have baby eyes. The big size of eyes, some of them information said to better using contact lenses. For make the photo looking gorgeous, just add some accessories for support your pose.

Some of my picture just my interest try to be ulzzang, I wanted have a baby eyes, so that why I just close up photo in here. I hope my camera could more focus in there: X well, some of my picture just simple edit, because that’s one of tips and I won’t so over too -____-‘


I’m just unprofessional, I couldn’t got one of general pose for being ulzzang*lol . I tried hard, but that is just useless. I might that my pose couldn’t be cool like they. I appreciated of they did. 

They looking so beautiful and handsome :3 just because using some make up only. I didn’t know the makeup can support us. Well, although I love fashion, I so anti-make up: DD before it all, I just scary if my face just looks like older, but after I did it too. It was made me shocked.

So, if you unbeliever what I said, you must to try it and having fun guys for you want to try it. I had tried it and it proved: D

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