Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

have fun with my friends

Time for posting, I was felt happy because I could went out with my friend, although it just only in city. Well, I just felt not good of my shown yesterday -___-‘ little annoyed of one song when I played keyboard so bad . I thought, I still needed more time for prepare it. Although, the result of my teacher great. I wasn’t happy.


At this picture, I just wear batik +black pant and tika wear dress plus sweater, sorry of my photo look so over edit, it was happened of angle beside the light of sun near us -___-‘

                                                                 This is tika photo :D

Just little secret when I was looked her was make up. I just trying to take hidden camera, but unfortunely her was looked at me:DD

The funny thing, at this picture, tika had changed her clothes, she was change it with t-shirt plus yellow shirt. I was love her dress, because its like vintage dress but I’m sorry I didn’t take one photo of her full body. I just like her dress if she would match it  with her white t-shirt plus belt and  this picture I just added headband as accessories of my hair. 

And this is another of my picture, I just take more it when tike out from her room. Well, after we’re felt bored only taken some picture *honest, many picture if you know :D  we’re going out of her house just for share about anything, and after it I went back home :DD

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