Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Sorry for long time I’m not posting -___- I had have a lot of exam, sometimes I felt freak out of that. Well, I just have a half of my free time for spend it with course only –‘fortune, I have a lot of crazy people: D it means I have time with someone who always making me laughing every time and this is our picture when we Waisak Day’s. Sorry I taken this picture had a long times ago. Yep, this little family in my course. Haha they look so over expression*narsciss: D

Don’t ever things that my friends only girl, because some of boy wasn’t agree to join it -____-‘I didn’t know why, anyway because we didn’t have clothes culture of Buddhist, so that why we just must wear red as a dress code in there. Can you guess where I am in there? Yes, I’m in right with glasses, and after it, zhi, sist tika, sist ellie, sist nuril, Balqis, and last is sist Ajeng.
And some another of event in course is about Halloween,

This photo when I must made one of the jack-o'-lantern. Well, sorry of everyone in there, I just busy of taken a photo, ohh ya some other lol photo I take with labil person -_-‘ so LOL expression :DD
I dunno why the mummy looked so funny compare with scary, and it was made me laughing, and so screaming saw my friends take a knife -____- luckly nothing happened. I love my costum, well, I just tried to mix nd match it, whiteribbon shirt, black miniskirt,flat shoes, long socks, wizard hat, silver beangle, ethnic wood beangle. Maybe the smater thing just brought bandage only(yudhi as a mumy), or just brought robe(Zhi) because they so simple costum :3

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