Senin, 19 Maret 2012

About my Rival

Ohh bad holiday -__________- I  just eat, sleep, or just spend out with using internet.  Fortunely my mom join me went to mall. Yep, I have day for photo today, much like anything about fashion.  So that why I try hard to enter this world :D
Okay, I want to tell you when my teacher course is want me to write about the day when I met someone. Let see it:
What are you think when you had first time in junior high school? I just thinking this is my one of thing to get my future.
The bad think is you will have a MOS or maybe its like time we are as junior must following what senior want -,-‘
Whatever will happened it my first time, until I got some problem with my senior. Ouch! Bad day ever, I got becaused my friend Yovisca did trash every where. Hmm..
Well, time for revenge him. For easly, I always call him “Rival”

I can knowing about social network when I junior high school, hihi.. so I try to fake about me when I add him . and not to long time, he was accepted me . okay let do that..
Hmm, but when he was asking me about my school, I wanna to honest and stop this all. But, my friend, told to don’t stop it. I just say in my inner”I have problem now!”
On Monday morning, when break time..
I had have ate and share with my friend, not long time he was walk at front of me , and just smile when looked on me. I think it so strange if he was smiled to me. I just know that he didn’t know me. Yep, come on, I wont knew him, although my close friends was like him so much.
Oke, I though itjust wrong judge. And it was better to back to class. Hmm, maybe becaused still new day on my school. We just spend out with gretting and introduction from some teacher. Until, he came to my class, and then check out the speaker in my class. Not long it, my friends, calling me so loud.
        He just smiled and out, and he did that more than twice.huft
You know what he just asking to us? Is the speaker risk?
Who’s the stupid now, I’m or him? Hellow, that speaker so good, and the broadcast or music can listen of us. So what is his problem.
Everyday my life couldn’t disparate with him. I always met him at every place of school. How awful it. And that was just make my friends so happy laugh. I didnt knew what my friends looking from him . oke oke, honest,  I can said that perfect. Hmm, smart, leader of organization in school, my friend said that he have good looking. But I though his style not good, famous.
 I just didn’t know why I must met him, sometimes I change my 2 time of my break time. First break time, going to library. I just did it because my friend not me:D and second go to canteen. Just need 3 days he did it too. So, 1 year I felt like playing Tom and Jerry. I try to run from him and he was like for made me scary.
My one question for him until no is...
Every time when I met him, he never forgot his smiled.
Well, I hopeful and thank you if he wanted to stop it ==’ that was so scary and my friends felt  like want to jump because when she was join with me and could saw his smiled. Hiyack!

But time always walk until, he was out from junior high school. And I just realized I was missing him. Without him, I though like so bored. Haha... my regret  only one until now. I never ever brave to asking why he always gives smiled to me. Just it: D

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