Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

A piece of another world :D

Your asked what I didn’t know about it !

Okee, last minute I had chat with someone, he’s looked smart guys. I was thought if he would nice person. Umm, I thought  because he’s not give me a weird question or maybe that’s  normal question in my country. 

Many kinds of thing I was asked him. Firstly, I just wanted to know him and his country. He had studied abroading in another country. My firstday chat, he was so polite, nothing weird question what I have said you before. I thought becaused I had a lot of question to him. Lol.

Many things I wanted to know it more..

He started with said about his life in USA and  he  is  a student of Singapore American school now. I tried to a much thing for know about information at there.  

Becaused it was midnight, I thought that was time me to sleep. So I said that we could continues tomorrow..

2nd day chat..
This day , I had knew who and look like another country..

When it started, it was his time for asked me and not long time, he was give me a question and I didn’t know well about it. It about masturbation of herself, and I though on my country that was few maybe [im not sure]. Ohh, I didn’t knew what I must for answer it. But, he try and try asked me. I was so felt vomit when he was give me how masturbation did it . Okey, maybe he felt I was freak and I would felt more freak about that topic. But, it was caused made effect different culture. I try polite for explain that  I wasn’t knew about it. How awful I got him offline. 

And I just thinking now…

Okee.. maybe one of you thinking how people look like my country if they still look like strange to wont did it, or maybe wont to explain it more. But fyi, that my daddy and my mom teached me for safe myself. It was mean they give me some responsibility to want really care about myself and they want I have principel of mylife. Haha.. I knew what he was thinking before he offline. So shocked knowing I don’t like that. Hmm, maybe he was misunderstanding. I just want to answer that was strange and why I must did it? 

Honest, I was disappointed when he was offline, I though we could be nice friends but its okay maybe he just couldn’t same thing with me and then offline. But, knew of all, I was so lucky life in my country, whatever if they said I was so innocent, weird, or what else. But, back again it to me. I just want safe myself and my culture whatever it will be. And I’m so hopefull they can appreciate how condition culture of me and another country. 


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