Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Finish exam, time to Vacation xD

Hi ! Sorry for post now, I would told you about my holiday :D
I went to Batu, Malang 3 days ago. I went to there with my parents and my friends Dhea  :]
Fortune, I would got my journey for breathe :D  a long days I spent just for slept, ate, and sang with music from my keyboard. That was so bored -___________-  Oh, my dad had 3 days for holiday. Yippee >,< love him so much  I could had some journey . And because, I'm just little girl, I didn't want my vacation boring, so I went with my friends too. 

Oke First day, In Friday Morning :D
Let's go ! :D My journey so long -__________- need 5 hours to go there. Luckily,  I met my brothers, my  sister, my aunts :] In same town with their  event. Pakdhe Jojo (Javanese language) had some event with his friends, umm.. I though it's school event.  Because, Pakdhe Jojo is a headmaster of his school in Blitar. So that, I could him , and my brother, my sister, Budhe Mamun (Javanese Language). Ohh, some of my family from Bogor, liked my aunt Ayu, and my  little brother Gaung and Agil came to :D

I could explain it before, maybe I though this just be my recreation only, but because my family got event, and family from Bogor had came today . We could went together.
In the Batu , I went to BNS [ Batu Night spectacular]
This was my first time go there, so that I was so excited. In there, I looked many games. Hmm.. Just look like many sparkling of lamp, look again many people in there. I hate the situation.  I went there at weekend -_________- there was so crowded. Some List I played : bomb-bomb car [so childish I'm :D],  and then watch 4D movies [I need more challenge from this movies] and then , Mirror place [I can found exit way :D] . And just look my sister played extreme <-- I don't know what is name :o sorry. But , it looked like a Big circle that you can spin . Haha, I'm so afraid looked her liked not good in there :3 maybe because the games  isn't safe enough. Unbeliever  I spent 3 hour. The time shown at 00.00 am. But, we're still have fun .

Ohh, so sadness when knew that the BNS would be closed :( I hope I have a little more time :( after we're permit say goodbye, after that  went to Budhe Pur [ my Dad sister] in Malang city.  We came in her house at midnight. Oh, I can't estimation how times it was, I so slept and then go bed.

Saturday, wake up wake up :D
Okeee.. This my next vacation,  went back to Batu. Besides BNS we would went to Jatim Park 2. I would looked Zoo --> secret zoo. In there, I could found a lot of animal .I had read that Secret Zoo have more than 45 animal. Therefore, I needed 2hours to walked. But, it because I took some picture exactly :D akwkkawa, I though the situation is so nice and fresh. Yeah, although the season not support -_____- January is dry season, so that I could so comfortable enjoyed my vacation .

My favorite picture:

This is Flamingo Bird, I so much like there color so pink and soft, nature, and looked cute :] you must look it . Hhii..  So that, I to hard got My picture in this area, you know ? Many people walk besides and besides me, that why Dhea so difficult to took my picture. Fortune, I had one :D


And this was Dhea photo, she was look fine, I'm so happy looked she was healthy after she got sickness motion since our journey.  I like her cute smile :D

Lala~ an this is my picture when I got since in there :

 many photo I got :D

when, I felt so tied

 isn't it like a white house, right? :D

And, finally, I finished . Oh that was so excited :D

In the last days, on Sunday morning , I prepare to back to jember. When I arrived, I still felt in there.
Oh , my lovely day I love so much can spent out my weekend :D Thankyou God,  dad, mom & Dhea :] . I hope I can go there again :D