Senin, 26 November 2012



 Hello Monday, thanks for sunshine day who make me still dry because I must late back home. I can’t imagine how’s my day if  it’s rain ^^~. Well, I can’t wait for write. I am wanted speak about “friends”. Generally, we always interaction with people around us. We can compare one with another. How they speak, attitude, or just intelligent? You will meet the many different on it. 

In my new school too, I was tried to understand one by one of the people around me, especially in my class. They have different characters. Depend on them environment too. The speakers , the loud, the annoying people, the good, the smart, the silent, fashionable, the musician, or just sometimes the bad word -______-‘

I am like my class, knowing new friend and talked about their characters. In the generally, sociality can make effect of us. Example, we are the good one or the bad one; we will get effect of them. My last vocal teacher said that I must carefully one day, if I am entering in university, she want me to choose friends, because its can making you be the new person. Yes, she ever go to clubbing and she know how feels it is in there.
Talking about person, you know that you for not value people from cover. My friend told me that she dislike someone. And I just looked that the person she dislike was innocent. And you know what she was said?

“Don’t look it from outside, we can find many poker face or innocent who made much trouble. But, sometimes the scream faces haha* too much over: p they are good person”. Well, who know? I am not sure too, because I won’t as one of followed by gossip in here. But, I am agreement that we can check our friend one of them or not. Bad or good from someone we can’t measure because it was depend us being the individuals. We have different types, personality and of course different interesting to values person.


Have friends they like bullying? Ouch..! I hope not: X fortune, my friend really good and they give me the best smile every day. But, I ever read in my magazine, that it is give me information about “bullying”. Bad news, in my country we have been bullying case in Jakarta, my mother country. I am really pity knew it. I hope that is one of last news.  I can’t imagine, why student who have times in the school and got knowledge could did something useless, likes such : fighting, drugs, or drunk. Come on why we are not making proud of country. Who will get the impact if their just bullying each other with stupid activities, yes, their selves, and our country will disparate? the worst that make  me felt unbeliever was murder case by junior high school  after two school was fighting :O:O how felt did you after killed it? *happy ever after –a

Friends can make us better than it. We can get positives look like business each other. Relations give us information such as: lesson, technology, entertainment like music, games, or happy and care from another people. Who know, they will giving use customer, who know they are will be one employee of our company. How care? We care about it, for you to right the advantages will come. The friends always have price for make it. Now one person can get the good friend if they can appreciate too. Everyone won’t be victim of bullying or discrimination social. So, that why, I want we care for our environment. Every people around us, someday can be someone besides us or  just support us from back. Have nice Monday Friends :) 

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

simple vintage!

Hello Fellow !  I am love today, it's rainy after some of the day my country hot. I  was very tired and sweat because i have  many activities some of day. fortune this rain made air fresh and cool again after I am back to school. 

I want to tell you of some my outfits today. I had went out with my desk classmate and we were hunting for bought gift. she told that her teacher violin will born day *birthday  two days later. so, she wanted to me accompany her. 

Lucky me, i met some cute dress in there, and i think softly pink dress suitable for me and she bought pattern scarf black color. after we done, i was back home. I was thought it better match with some older clothes. 

Then, i tried mix it with cardigan sweater , flower blouse, boots. 

I also combine with some accessories such as glasses, brown belt,and cabaret yellow

taraaa...! well, buy less, choose well and do it yourself (viviane westwood) as my inspiration for did it last day.i hope my fashion stuff today also your inspiration too. Arriverderci, see you in another day ~ 

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

have fun with my friends

Time for posting, I was felt happy because I could went out with my friend, although it just only in city. Well, I just felt not good of my shown yesterday -___-‘ little annoyed of one song when I played keyboard so bad . I thought, I still needed more time for prepare it. Although, the result of my teacher great. I wasn’t happy.


At this picture, I just wear batik +black pant and tika wear dress plus sweater, sorry of my photo look so over edit, it was happened of angle beside the light of sun near us -___-‘

                                                                 This is tika photo :D

Just little secret when I was looked her was make up. I just trying to take hidden camera, but unfortunely her was looked at me:DD

The funny thing, at this picture, tika had changed her clothes, she was change it with t-shirt plus yellow shirt. I was love her dress, because its like vintage dress but I’m sorry I didn’t take one photo of her full body. I just like her dress if she would match it  with her white t-shirt plus belt and  this picture I just added headband as accessories of my hair. 

And this is another of my picture, I just take more it when tike out from her room. Well, after we’re felt bored only taken some picture *honest, many picture if you know :D  we’re going out of her house just for share about anything, and after it I went back home :DD

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Miracle of make up

I’m so sorry to inactive my blog a week: C I had examination. I wish my rapport better than before.  I want to tell you how awesome make up can change someone to be good looking. Well, before it, I wasn’t believed it. 

I disagree when I was looking a woman with 40th years old, became teenagers and beautiful* I thought she was pretty than me. I found many sites and though how about if I tried it, I would have been pretty or just looking as same as before.  Well, I got the inspiration, when I so curious with my friends. He was a ulzzang Indonesian. 


            I tried to search it, and then I got much of information how to be ulzzang. It’s not difficult. You can try to do it too. Because ulzzang mean is best face or good looking in Seoul Language. The mostly of the tips is you must have baby eyes. The big size of eyes, some of them information said to better using contact lenses. For make the photo looking gorgeous, just add some accessories for support your pose.

Some of my picture just my interest try to be ulzzang, I wanted have a baby eyes, so that why I just close up photo in here. I hope my camera could more focus in there: X well, some of my picture just simple edit, because that’s one of tips and I won’t so over too -____-‘


I’m just unprofessional, I couldn’t got one of general pose for being ulzzang*lol . I tried hard, but that is just useless. I might that my pose couldn’t be cool like they. I appreciated of they did. 

They looking so beautiful and handsome :3 just because using some make up only. I didn’t know the makeup can support us. Well, although I love fashion, I so anti-make up: DD before it all, I just scary if my face just looks like older, but after I did it too. It was made me shocked.

So, if you unbeliever what I said, you must to try it and having fun guys for you want to try it. I had tried it and it proved: D

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Sorry for long time I’m not posting -___- I had have a lot of exam, sometimes I felt freak out of that. Well, I just have a half of my free time for spend it with course only –‘fortune, I have a lot of crazy people: D it means I have time with someone who always making me laughing every time and this is our picture when we Waisak Day’s. Sorry I taken this picture had a long times ago. Yep, this little family in my course. Haha they look so over expression*narsciss: D

Don’t ever things that my friends only girl, because some of boy wasn’t agree to join it -____-‘I didn’t know why, anyway because we didn’t have clothes culture of Buddhist, so that why we just must wear red as a dress code in there. Can you guess where I am in there? Yes, I’m in right with glasses, and after it, zhi, sist tika, sist ellie, sist nuril, Balqis, and last is sist Ajeng.
And some another of event in course is about Halloween,

This photo when I must made one of the jack-o'-lantern. Well, sorry of everyone in there, I just busy of taken a photo, ohh ya some other lol photo I take with labil person -_-‘ so LOL expression :DD
I dunno why the mummy looked so funny compare with scary, and it was made me laughing, and so screaming saw my friends take a knife -____- luckly nothing happened. I love my costum, well, I just tried to mix nd match it, whiteribbon shirt, black miniskirt,flat shoes, long socks, wizard hat, silver beangle, ethnic wood beangle. Maybe the smater thing just brought bandage only(yudhi as a mumy), or just brought robe(Zhi) because they so simple costum :3

Senin, 19 Maret 2012

About my Rival

Ohh bad holiday -__________- I  just eat, sleep, or just spend out with using internet.  Fortunely my mom join me went to mall. Yep, I have day for photo today, much like anything about fashion.  So that why I try hard to enter this world :D
Okay, I want to tell you when my teacher course is want me to write about the day when I met someone. Let see it:
What are you think when you had first time in junior high school? I just thinking this is my one of thing to get my future.
The bad think is you will have a MOS or maybe its like time we are as junior must following what senior want -,-‘
Whatever will happened it my first time, until I got some problem with my senior. Ouch! Bad day ever, I got becaused my friend Yovisca did trash every where. Hmm..
Well, time for revenge him. For easly, I always call him “Rival”

I can knowing about social network when I junior high school, hihi.. so I try to fake about me when I add him . and not to long time, he was accepted me . okay let do that..
Hmm, but when he was asking me about my school, I wanna to honest and stop this all. But, my friend, told to don’t stop it. I just say in my inner”I have problem now!”
On Monday morning, when break time..
I had have ate and share with my friend, not long time he was walk at front of me , and just smile when looked on me. I think it so strange if he was smiled to me. I just know that he didn’t know me. Yep, come on, I wont knew him, although my close friends was like him so much.
Oke, I though itjust wrong judge. And it was better to back to class. Hmm, maybe becaused still new day on my school. We just spend out with gretting and introduction from some teacher. Until, he came to my class, and then check out the speaker in my class. Not long it, my friends, calling me so loud.
        He just smiled and out, and he did that more than twice.huft
You know what he just asking to us? Is the speaker risk?
Who’s the stupid now, I’m or him? Hellow, that speaker so good, and the broadcast or music can listen of us. So what is his problem.
Everyday my life couldn’t disparate with him. I always met him at every place of school. How awful it. And that was just make my friends so happy laugh. I didnt knew what my friends looking from him . oke oke, honest,  I can said that perfect. Hmm, smart, leader of organization in school, my friend said that he have good looking. But I though his style not good, famous.
 I just didn’t know why I must met him, sometimes I change my 2 time of my break time. First break time, going to library. I just did it because my friend not me:D and second go to canteen. Just need 3 days he did it too. So, 1 year I felt like playing Tom and Jerry. I try to run from him and he was like for made me scary.
My one question for him until no is...
Every time when I met him, he never forgot his smiled.
Well, I hopeful and thank you if he wanted to stop it ==’ that was so scary and my friends felt  like want to jump because when she was join with me and could saw his smiled. Hiyack!

But time always walk until, he was out from junior high school. And I just realized I was missing him. Without him, I though like so bored. Haha... my regret  only one until now. I never ever brave to asking why he always gives smiled to me. Just it: D

Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

A piece of another world :D

Your asked what I didn’t know about it !

Okee, last minute I had chat with someone, he’s looked smart guys. I was thought if he would nice person. Umm, I thought  because he’s not give me a weird question or maybe that’s  normal question in my country. 

Many kinds of thing I was asked him. Firstly, I just wanted to know him and his country. He had studied abroading in another country. My firstday chat, he was so polite, nothing weird question what I have said you before. I thought becaused I had a lot of question to him. Lol.

Many things I wanted to know it more..

He started with said about his life in USA and  he  is  a student of Singapore American school now. I tried to a much thing for know about information at there.  

Becaused it was midnight, I thought that was time me to sleep. So I said that we could continues tomorrow..

2nd day chat..
This day , I had knew who and look like another country..

When it started, it was his time for asked me and not long time, he was give me a question and I didn’t know well about it. It about masturbation of herself, and I though on my country that was few maybe [im not sure]. Ohh, I didn’t knew what I must for answer it. But, he try and try asked me. I was so felt vomit when he was give me how masturbation did it . Okey, maybe he felt I was freak and I would felt more freak about that topic. But, it was caused made effect different culture. I try polite for explain that  I wasn’t knew about it. How awful I got him offline. 

And I just thinking now…

Okee.. maybe one of you thinking how people look like my country if they still look like strange to wont did it, or maybe wont to explain it more. But fyi, that my daddy and my mom teached me for safe myself. It was mean they give me some responsibility to want really care about myself and they want I have principel of mylife. Haha.. I knew what he was thinking before he offline. So shocked knowing I don’t like that. Hmm, maybe he was misunderstanding. I just want to answer that was strange and why I must did it? 

Honest, I was disappointed when he was offline, I though we could be nice friends but its okay maybe he just couldn’t same thing with me and then offline. But, knew of all, I was so lucky life in my country, whatever if they said I was so innocent, weird, or what else. But, back again it to me. I just want safe myself and my culture whatever it will be. And I’m so hopefull they can appreciate how condition culture of me and another country. 


Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Masa depan terdekat !

Banyak hal yang mungkin aku inginkan sebelum aku masuk sma . dan kini hal hal itu semakin nyata , hal yang aku lakukan sebelum aku masuk lebih jauh , bidang abstrak itu . music , vocal, fashion . hal yang menyenangkan , namun perlajaran murni kayak matematika kimia fisika bio jauh kurang minat . sebelumnya banyak hal yang memintaku untuk membuat karir soal guru , entah kenapa aku lebih suka lingkungan yang enggak serius enggak formal bahkan menyisakan sedikitnya tantangan baru . entahlah , aku pikir hidup seorang guru hanya flat saja . aku suka mengurusi hal hal tentang aku , tentang bagaimana cara kita berkerjasama dengan orang lain , yahh mungkin kekurangankku dalam menghafal dan ketidaksukaanku mengenai hal yang berhubungan angka membuatku menolak segala bentuk profesi itu . mungkin iya tugas tugas itu tampak nyata dan real buat diperhitungkan , namun aku lebih suka kerja dengan orang yang berbeda . itu asik :]

Saat ini aku udah SMA kelas 2, jurusan ipa. Hal yang kupikir semua bidang bisa terbuka lebar. Walaupun hal hal abstrak semacam hobi bidang yang yang kusukai bukan namun tetap saja itu bukan tujuanku , mungkin aku lebih suka berbisnis, bukan menjadi pemain entertain ataupun pemusik , aku lebih suka orang kerja denganku. Mungkin aku suka berkerja diperusahaan, yahh tentunya aku suka di perusahaan seperti devil of prada . sedikit licik mungkin permainan bertahan dan menahan seseorang dengan resiko  yang bermacam hanya untuk mempertahankan jabatan. namun sedikitanya banyak hal yang menyenangkan di sana . bertemu orang orang dengan pemikiran yang kreatif. Terlebih meresa mampu memainkan peran dengan cukup baik, tak hanya untuk berbisnis saja maksudku. aku ingin menjadi salah satu designernya, menjadi orang yang memilihkan pakaian yang cocok buatk modelku , aku tidak menyukai berjalan diatas catwalk, karena itu sangat merepotkan menurutku. Entahlah , mungkin aku kurang cocok jadi modelnya haha... saat ini aku hanya menyukai perhatian, dimana dari styleku mampu menutupi seseorang atau membuatnya lebih tampak manis , aku ingin karyaku mampu dianggap karya ekspresif, membuat seseorang confident dan well, look so chic. Tapi sedikitnya aku kurang mampu bermain peran adaptasi ataukah aku suka berburuk sangka dengan orang, hal itu terkadang membuatku sulit perkembang saat aku harus pindah sekolah , untuk saat ini aku belum pernah mencoba untuk berada dilingkungan fashionista bahkan aku kurang dalam mengenal segala hal merk kelas internasional -_____- Less knowledge about that all .

Cukup untuk saat ini aku hanya memikirkan supaya aku mampu di anggap orang yang layak dapet kepercayaan . entah tapi rasanya itu sulit untuk persainganku saat ini . tak banyak yang aku bisa lakuin untuk akademikku . aku hanya tak mampu mengatasi supaya nilaiku tak turun dan malah naik, walaupun itu dengan usahaku . belum lagi secara enggak langsung tugas tugas yang belum aku pahami ataupun belum aku kerjakan , apa aku mampu atau tidak . kemalasanku ketika aku jatuh enggan bangun sebelum aku muak sendiri , sampai saat inipun tak jarang aku jatuh dan aku enggak tau solusiku kudu kemana , --‘

Tapi banyak yang aku inginkan , mengikuti segala macem hal hal yang menyenangkan .sebelum aku mampu lebih dalam ke profesi aku suka mengikutin lomba. Aku berharap suatu saat aku menang ikut kontes nyanyi ^3^ , aku juga ikut piano , menurutku the best feel when I can expression with white/black tuts in every words of my lyric. So cool and emotion. Belajar musik nambah wawasan. Lumayanlah buat nambah skill . untuk saat ini ,menurut aku fashion hanya menambah kelebihan buat hobbi saja. yah , karena aku anaknya kuning langsat -_____- humft, sempet berpikir untuk memiliki kulit putih tapi that’s impossible . aku hanya mencoba mencocokkan dengan warna kuningku. Kadang trouble sendiri kalo udah masalah ga cocok sama warna , depresi pengen robekin baju#stressMotion
Bagaimanapun juga aku memikirkannya hanya untuk mengasah potensiku , walaupun saat ini aku hanya melakukannya untuk hobi . aku mau tahun tahun ku bakakalan jadi icon buat fashionista . becaused I wanna be trendsentter :D 

Tujuan lain dari itu semua, keluar kota pasti kalo keluar negeri HARUS! Before I know the world I must goes to abroad to know the real WORLD. The hard start is when I try to find the way for get it ! 

Dekorasi hidupku , fasilitas, rumah mobil pribadi sebelum aku berusia 28 tahun . haha gilaa.. spent with my bisnis or just prepare of my meeting so cool, get a lot of chat messege from my client, said okay , and then talk lounger, for make them appreciate. Last I want have ‘me time’ every weekend. Although maybe it will not so long but I must have 1 day for free! Must it. Pengen punya rumah bukan ukuran nya yang sangar tapi tempatnya yang so fresh banyak kaca yang kudu bisa buat sirkulasi tamnanya mampu buat aku barbequean ataupun hanya kolam di belakang tapi masih nyatu sama rumah . garasi gedhe. Hahaha.. buat mobil mobilku. Ruang musik sendiri. Kamarku kudu ada pintu kaca kaca yang short time I can look scenery in front my bedroom. Cool !

 So much Ideas I have so much time I must to do it . before I choose my real world. I still try to search many puzzle to make my world will be true one # Big smile


Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Finish exam, time to Vacation xD

Hi ! Sorry for post now, I would told you about my holiday :D
I went to Batu, Malang 3 days ago. I went to there with my parents and my friends Dhea  :]
Fortune, I would got my journey for breathe :D  a long days I spent just for slept, ate, and sang with music from my keyboard. That was so bored -___________-  Oh, my dad had 3 days for holiday. Yippee >,< love him so much  I could had some journey . And because, I'm just little girl, I didn't want my vacation boring, so I went with my friends too. 

Oke First day, In Friday Morning :D
Let's go ! :D My journey so long -__________- need 5 hours to go there. Luckily,  I met my brothers, my  sister, my aunts :] In same town with their  event. Pakdhe Jojo (Javanese language) had some event with his friends, umm.. I though it's school event.  Because, Pakdhe Jojo is a headmaster of his school in Blitar. So that, I could him , and my brother, my sister, Budhe Mamun (Javanese Language). Ohh, some of my family from Bogor, liked my aunt Ayu, and my  little brother Gaung and Agil came to :D

I could explain it before, maybe I though this just be my recreation only, but because my family got event, and family from Bogor had came today . We could went together.
In the Batu , I went to BNS [ Batu Night spectacular]
This was my first time go there, so that I was so excited. In there, I looked many games. Hmm.. Just look like many sparkling of lamp, look again many people in there. I hate the situation.  I went there at weekend -_________- there was so crowded. Some List I played : bomb-bomb car [so childish I'm :D],  and then watch 4D movies [I need more challenge from this movies] and then , Mirror place [I can found exit way :D] . And just look my sister played extreme <-- I don't know what is name :o sorry. But , it looked like a Big circle that you can spin . Haha, I'm so afraid looked her liked not good in there :3 maybe because the games  isn't safe enough. Unbeliever  I spent 3 hour. The time shown at 00.00 am. But, we're still have fun .

Ohh, so sadness when knew that the BNS would be closed :( I hope I have a little more time :( after we're permit say goodbye, after that  went to Budhe Pur [ my Dad sister] in Malang city.  We came in her house at midnight. Oh, I can't estimation how times it was, I so slept and then go bed.

Saturday, wake up wake up :D
Okeee.. This my next vacation,  went back to Batu. Besides BNS we would went to Jatim Park 2. I would looked Zoo --> secret zoo. In there, I could found a lot of animal .I had read that Secret Zoo have more than 45 animal. Therefore, I needed 2hours to walked. But, it because I took some picture exactly :D akwkkawa, I though the situation is so nice and fresh. Yeah, although the season not support -_____- January is dry season, so that I could so comfortable enjoyed my vacation .

My favorite picture:

This is Flamingo Bird, I so much like there color so pink and soft, nature, and looked cute :] you must look it . Hhii..  So that, I to hard got My picture in this area, you know ? Many people walk besides and besides me, that why Dhea so difficult to took my picture. Fortune, I had one :D


And this was Dhea photo, she was look fine, I'm so happy looked she was healthy after she got sickness motion since our journey.  I like her cute smile :D

Lala~ an this is my picture when I got since in there :

 many photo I got :D

when, I felt so tied

 isn't it like a white house, right? :D

And, finally, I finished . Oh that was so excited :D

In the last days, on Sunday morning , I prepare to back to jember. When I arrived, I still felt in there.
Oh , my lovely day I love so much can spent out my weekend :D Thankyou God,  dad, mom & Dhea :] . I hope I can go there again :D