Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

What will I give for my country in the future ?

Sorry for post now, I had a lot of examination :X hope you still want to read my post

When I got this words from my teacher, I just want to be designer. I want to be business woman in the future, I want have job in another country . I want and I want to be many think of this world.

Then, my teacher asked me about what will you give for your country? Have you ever think that you a proud of your country? Have you said batik is cool before it's not claim by another country, and how about Wayang Kulit? How about Reog? Have you ever a proud to discussing that all? While you just like says you have bough some clothes or something from West Country, right?

I had some inspiration when my teacher says is so loudly, so magician. If you know, batik is so famous, many another country who want to have it. And now, German have join with designers from Jogjakarta to develop many kinds of batik, not only batik, Karawitan (the music of Wayang) ever show in Washington DC. So, are you still said Indonesian isn't cool?

Oke, let see more..

You know guys, our Indonesian have many island, and every island have a beautiful beach's and many of them still nature. And more, if we know Indonesian have many beach, so we know too, if our country have many ocean, but that’s so disappoint because just a little of ocean can explore to get fish production. Well, if we want to hardly explore our sea, we wouldn't import from another country.

Our country is so rich so much. We have everything if we want to process our nature. So pity when I know just little of people who want concern. And I hope many appreciate from government of creation in this country isn't given appreciated.

Oke, if I had remember about my dream maybe, I just need some different now. I want be designer. But, I'm still bring names of Indonesia, I will develop of color of culture model from Java, Madura, Sumatra, another one else :D and maybe if I'm not be a designer I'm still bring my country of my mind to development . Because, I want to someone know I 'am one of them want to grown our country not someone of them want to destroy our country without responbillity :]

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