Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

My simple day without forgot to spent it xD

For new posting :D

On Thursday morning, when I didn't know must doing something, I got idea to discussed about our project in Tika's home. But, when I took her home. I and her just told about gossip. Yeah, we just talking. And then, she wanted to did her homework. But, because, she just felt lazy. I did her homework. Hihi, that was cause, I said very liked to coloring his picture.

Finally, I did her homework. And then, after I finished did her homework. I and she took some picture, that was so lol xD you know what? You will look we are so childish P just my opinion. Still with our crazy think. Check it now :D

And, how about this ?

Me (orange shirt) and Tika (baby doll clothes) in the photo

That was so looked ababil right? :D

After we got some picture. I was watched Radityadika Standup :)

I felt the time so fast. I didn't know my mom had called me. I so panic after that, and permit to went back my home. Hihi, maybe just that I got :D maybe next holiday I can spent with more nice moment :]

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