Selasa, 08 November 2011

This picture when I went to go Blitar in the last Holiday

this is some photo I take with mys sister in her home's . the photo is our expression when we spend our times for short time. haha.. she's so much likes photo with laugh expression. hihi, in this photo I edit because, there's so many photo I got with her.

and I have my photo only, this is so LoL. because my friend said that I so look like a childish xD

and what you said abou this ?

oke this is my last photo before i came back to Jember city.

in this foto: laras candra laksi(batik dress) and nicheL(white T-shirt)

I took this photo with camera handphone, that's why the picture looked not good, and the mirror wasn't cleaned. yeah, this only my vacation in Blitar, and I hopeful i still can take some picture again with her every moment I have :D

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