Senin, 07 November 2011

first times in my new school :D

For new time I write :D For this firstly posting , I am happy because now I can write everything what I want to say, I want to show my emotion , and tell everything moment what I feel of my life :D

Hmm, I will tell you my story when I move on to my new school, so bad day ever I had when my mom said that my new school can accept me. Hmm, if you want to ask me why I move ? Because the my last school is so far, so that my mom ambition to want me move here.

On Monday morning, when I felt so BAD and scary to knowing what happened for today. I would not can't laugh again, this will a lot of bad memory will I get . In the new school. In BK's room I met 6 people with same situation . My mind just said that , they are from another city. Damn! --' just I only in here. Good Job mom make me feel freak . Besides of me is someone boy. He is freak u,u sometimes he saw me and little smile . How pity he's if he didn't know I saw he action .

Well, because someone started to said then I said so much . And you know what ? Someone from west , who I said that he's so freak .

That was truth , if he's so freak . Haha.. One hours from simple topic , I and he many discussed, and I so bored of he said. Many thing what he said just news from west . Ohh.. That's so metropolitan u,u *whatever boy what you said. And then, when I bored and go with my new friends to toilet , I met my ex-boy. OH what more?! Him ! This way so damn ! My soul said that , and then I come back to Bk's room .

 Cihh.. He's too. He *someone from west . Said anything to make me felt desperate. Go a hell you . I want to said a loud . But that’s just make me embarrassing now. New class, oh no ! Hell nd hell . One by one , I must stay cool . Stay innocent .

3 days … I know anything about my ex-boy.. Everything bad or good about him in his school. I think before it. He is so good, intelligent, and whatever is positive. But, the reality wasn't. Damn ! He was so arrogant when met I . If I can , I would bit his face and take it the trash . Wuhahaha*so evil I 'am . Because he's so playboy .

Lucky, I had reason why I crossed with him.

Hihi.. 4 days.. Many thing in there I like and dislike.

Perhaps, I must more open to another new people to have a lot of friends.

Okee, I can adaptation now :D

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